NIGERIA: Goodluck Jonathan 2015 Easter Day Quote of Day

By Politicoscope April 6, 2015 10:24


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NIGERIA: Goodluck Jonathan 2015 Easter Day Quote of Day

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President Goodluck Jonathan during his 2015 Easter Day celebration urges all Nigerians to put aside the 2015 presidential elections behind them and reconcile their differences “as children from the same womb, Nigeria.”

Here’s Easter Day quote of the day excerpt from President Goodluck Jonathan on his Facebook account:

“My dear friends on Facebook,
As we celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I want to celebrate all Nigerians for keeping faith with democracy which is the only vehicle for the continuous growth and stability of our dear nation.

Easter is the culmination of the Lenten season, a time to imbibe Christ’s teachings of reconciliation with God and each other.

This year’s celebration of Easter is taking place at a period of very critical national choices and decisions, during which we must all be prepared and willing to make sacrifices for greater unity, peace, political stability and progress in our beloved country.

As a nation, we must accept that the Presidential elections are behind us and reconcile our differences as children born from the womb of one mother, Nigeria.

I am confident that we will do this.

Happy Easter and may God bless Nigeria. GEJ.”

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By Politicoscope April 6, 2015 10:24

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