DOMINICA POLITICS: Lennox Linton Biography

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DOMINICA POLITICS: Lennox Linton Biography

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Occupation: Journalist, Broadcaster, Media Strategy Consultant, HR Management Practitioner, Supply Chain Logistician

Education: Marigot Government School, Dominica Grammar School and trained broadcaster at the University of Texas Austin.

Work Experience:
Former announcer and news reporter at DBS Radio; former editor of the New Chronicle; former senior producer at the Barbados-based Radio Service of the Caribbean News Agency; Host of MARPIN Television Show “What About”, Host of MARPIN Television News and Current Affairs Show “Good Morning Dominica” and Manager Observer Radio (Antigua) 2004-2006.

Former President of Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce and former employee at Dominica Coconut Products and Colgate Palmolive Dominica where he served as Corporate Communications Manager, Human Resource Director, Customer Service/Logistics Director and Supply Chain Manager.

Candidate’s Perspective
Few words have resonated with me as poignantly as those of Dominica’s national anthem. As a private citizen, professional journalist, husband, father and son of Dominica, I have heeded the call to “Strive for honour…Do the right, be firm, be fair.” On September 1st, 2013, upon being elected Leader of the United Workers Party – Team Dominica, these words took on new meaning, propelling me to undertake bold, visionary, and decisive action to halt the corruption, mismanagement, and abuse of power that has befallen Dominica.

I was born and raised in the constituency of Marigot, the fifth child of educators, in a family of ten children. I was educated at the Marigot Government School and the Dominica Grammar School and was professionally trained as a broadcaster at the University of Texas at Austin. Under the global education programme of a US fortune 500 company, I was trained as a frontline facilitator of number of people development programs in strategic planning, goal alignment, leadership, performance management, customer service and logistics.

I have served in a number of senior news media positions both locally and overseas. Those assignments included:

• Announcer and News Reporter at DBS Radio
• Editor of the New Chronicle
• Senior Producer at the Barbados based Radio Service of the Caribbean News Agency
• Host of the Marpin Television Talk Show “What About”
• Host of the Marpin Television News and Current Affairs Show “Good Morning Dominica”
• Manager Observer Radio (Antigua) 2004 – 2006

As a Media Strategy Consultant in private practice, I leveraged experience as an award winning broadcaster, to create and host the popular Sunday afternoon Talk Show Between You and Me on Q95 FM Radio. On this programme for over five years, I educated the public on a number of matters involving the economy, the Constitution, the rule of law and the good governance of Dominica.

A former President of the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce, I am also an experienced corporate executive and award winning supply chain logistician who served Dominica Coconut Products and Colgate Palmolive Dominica in a variety of management responsibilities including:

• Corporate Communications Manager
• Human Resource Director
• Customer Service/Logistics Director
• Supply Chain Manager

Over the past ten years I, along with my fellow Dominicans at home and abroad, have borne witness to a pollution of our isle of beauty and splendor. Our nation’s most precious resource – our human potential – has been stymied by toxic policies that succeed in fostering dependence on the government and thwarting the economic growth that would allow our people to create, innovate and thrive in their country of birth.

I am a husband, father of two children and a proud patriot of Dominica, firmly committed to truth, righteousness, justice and equal opportunity in all our affairs. My mission is to “sound the call” rallying all Dominicans to join their hands, hearts and minds in this historic effort to make Dominica the best place to live; the best place to work; and the best place to enjoy life in the global community.

Plans for Constituency:
Programme for constituency: Creation of a sustainable full employment; eco village economy; ensure first world water and sanitation services; modernize education, health, sporting and recreation facilities and building a road network that effectively connects residential, commercial and agricultural areas.

– Lennox Linton Biography (Caribbean Elections)

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