SOUTH AFRICA POLITICS: Malema Says ANC ‘Urinating On Constitution’

By Politicoscope March 2, 2017 12:18


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SOUTH AFRICA POLITICS: Malema Says ANC ‘Urinating On Constitution’

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EFF leader Julius Malema said the ANC was “urinating on the constitution” and using apartheid tactics to jail innocent people.

Malema was speaking outside the Constitutional Court On Wednesday where FeesMustFall movement leader Bonginkosi Khanyile was making an urgent application for his release following his failed attempts to get bail at the lower courts.

He was granted bail on Wednesday after his legal team and the prosecution reached a settlement that was made an order of the Constitutional Court.

“The ANC is using apartheid tactics to jail people without trial‚” said Malema. “When they disagree with you politically and they can’t persuade you politically‚ they will lock you up. That is a crime against humanity.

“That is against the spirit of our constitution. They [the ANC] are known for not respecting the constitution. They urinate on top of the constitution. If you want to know how they urinate on top of the constitution‚ see who is occupying the Union Building.

That is a direct urinating on top of the constitution because Zuma is not supposed to be president of this country if the ANC respected the constitution.” Malema said Khanyile was jailed by a system that only favoured those who had money.

“The question we must ask is: how many Africans are in jail‚ failed by the judicial system that favours the rich? We did not spend less than R500 000 on this one individual because to get the best lawyers and best team‚ you have to spend a lot of money.”

Malema said the money spent on Khanyile’s legal team did not go to waste as he was released on bail. “When I went to see him [in January]‚ I told him we will never rest until you are out of here and when I was speaking to the fighters‚ I said we are going to assemble the best team to get him out of jail because I knew that we are right in fighting for his freedom. Today we came here to fetch him…’’

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By Politicoscope March 2, 2017 12:18

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