AUSTRALIA POLITICS: Pauline Hanson to Christensen: Don’t Destabilise Government

By Politicoscope March 5, 2017 14:34


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AUSTRALIA POLITICS: Pauline Hanson to Christensen: Don’t Destabilise Government

Pauline Hanson is warning outspoken Nationals MP George Christensen he shouldn’t jump ship and destabilise the government. “I don’t believe the people want that and they would not want it from me,” the One Nation leader told ABC TV on Sunday.

Mr Christensen has quit his role as chief Nationals whip, saying he couldn’t be the party’s enforcer of discipline and keep speaking his mind in ways that often criticise government policy.

However, he has repeatedly said he’s loyal to the Nationals, despite speculation he could join One Nation or Liberal deserter Cory Bernardi who has set up his own conservative party.

Senator Hanson said she didn’t believe politicians should jump ship.

“If you are elected to parliament with a party, then that’s what the people voted you in and you should stay with that party,” Pauline Hanson said. Her advice to Mr Christensen was “stay where you are, because if he jumps ship, it’s going to destabilise the government”.

But she would understand if he eventually decided the Nationals weren’t properly representing his north Queensland electorate and wanted to leave.

“If he wants to come across to One Nation, I’m not going to say no but I am not encouraging him.” Pauline Hanson said.

Hanson also said the cut in Sunday penalty rates for retail, hospitality and fast-food workers will help small business owners.

The One Nation leader accused Labor and the unions of hypocrisy in the matter, saying in her fish and chip shop she had to pay $34 an hour in wages where the McDonald’s down the road only paid $26.

“Where is the union jumping up and down about that with the battlers?” Senator Hanson said.

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By Politicoscope March 5, 2017 14:34