NETHERLANDS POLITICS: Jesse Klaver Biography

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NETHERLANDS POLITICS: Jesse Klaver Biography

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Optimistic, idealistic and ambitious. That’s Jesse Klaver. He wants to change Netherlands by opening the attack on the status quo in the Hague.

Jesse Klaver is since 2010 member of parliament for the Greens. To make the transition to a clean economy, he sought the cooperation with other parties in parliament.

He worked on a Climate Act which now can count on broad support: PvdA, SP, D66 and Christian Union already put their signatures under it.

In the Chamber Jesse is also committed to fair share. He has issues like tax evasion and unfair distribution of power put on the agenda, and he took included the influential French economist Thomas Piketty to the House.

Where Jesse comes from
Jesse Klaver was born on May 1, 1986 in Roosendaal, Brabant. His mother is of Dutch-Indian descent, his father is Moroccan. His mother was 20 when she had him. Jesse grew up without his father, a social housing in Westrand district.

He left high school in Prinsenbeek free with a VMBO diploma. He studied Social Work at the Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch.

In his student days, Jesse became chairman of CROSS, the youth organization of GroenLinks. After that, he was chairman of the trade union CNV Youth and as such, the youngest member of the Social Economic Council (SER) ever.

Jesse Brabander at heart, but now lives with his wife and their two sons in The Hague. If he gets the chance, he likes to ride his bike through the dunes.

“I want to change Netherlands.”
– Jesse Klaver

– Jesse Klaver Biography (Jesse Klaver: Groen Links)

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By Politicoscope March 11, 2017 10:00

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