USA POLITICS: Lindsey Graham Biography

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USA POLITICS: Lindsey Graham Biography

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Lindsey Graham born 9 July 1955 has earned a reputation as a conservative problem-solver and one of the strongest proponents of a robust national defense. A frequent visitor to American troops stationed overseas for on-the-ground assessments, Graham has consistently pushed for outcomes in the War on Terror which protect our long-term national security interests.

One leading conservative recently wrote that when it comes to defending America, “[Lindsey] Graham has been right about more things on foreign policy for longer than just about anyone…if anyone has bragging rights on foreign policy, it is Graham.”

Graham is also a leader in cutting spending, reforming entitlements, and getting government out of the way so businesses can create jobs. One national conservative organization called him a Taxpayer Hero who puts “the interests of the taxpayer ahead of politics by consistently voting to cut wasteful spending, reduce the tax burden, and make government more accountable to taxpayers.”

Graham was elected to the United States Senate in 2002 and was re-elected in 2008 and 2014. He became the first person in South Carolina history to garner over one million votes in the 2008 general election.

Prior to serving in the Senate, Graham was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994 as the first Republican from the Third Congressional District of South Carolina since 1877.

Before being elected to Congress, Graham compiled a distinguished record in the United States Air Force as he logged six-and-a-half years of service on active duty as an Air Force lawyer.

From 1984-1988, he was assigned overseas and served at Rhein-Main Air Force Base in Germany. Upon leaving active duty Air Force in 1989, Graham joined the South Carolina Air National Guard where he served until 1995.

During the first Gulf War in the early 90’s, Graham was called to active duty and served state-side at McEntire Air National Guard Base as Staff Judge Advocate where he prepared members for deployment to the Gulf region.

In 1995, Graham joined the U.S. Air Force Reserves. During American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Graham put his experience in military law to use pulling numerous short-term Reserve duties in both countries over congressional breaks and holidays.

Graham retired from the Air Force Reserves in June 2015 having served his country in uniform for 33 years. He retired at the rank of Colonel.

A native South Carolinian, Graham grew up in a blue collar family in the small town of Central where his parents ran a restaurant and pool hall. The first member of his family to go to college, Graham earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of South Carolina. He lives in Seneca and is a member of Corinth Baptist Church.

Lindsey Graham has won many awards and honors in the United States Senate. Here is a sampling of the honors and recognition he has received from various groups and organizations.


  • Allen University ‘Doctor of Humane Letters’ (Honorary)
  • Alliance for Marriage ‘Defender of Marriage’
  • Alliance for Worker Freedom ‘Guardian of Worker Freedom’
  • American Conservative Union ‘ACU Conservative’
  • Americans for Tax Reform ‘Hero of the Taxpayer’
  • American Shareholder Association ‘Friend of the Shareholder’
  • American Shore & Beach Preservation Association ‘Friend of the Coast’
  • American Vocational Association ‘Policymaker of the Year’
  • Associated Builders and Contractors ‘Champion of the Merit Shop’
  • The Citadel ‘President’s Leadership Award’
  • The Citadel ‘Doctorate of Public Administration’ (Honorary)
  • Citizens against Government Waste ‘Taxpayer Hero’
  • Clemson University ‘Doctorate of Humanities’ (Honorary)
  • Coker College ‘Doctor of Laws’ (Honorary)
  • College of Charleston ‘Doctorate of Humane Letters’ (Honorary)
  • Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation ‘Legislative Award’
  • Erskine College ‘Doctor of Laws’ (Honorary)
  • Family Research Council ‘True Blue Award’
  • Francis Marion Univerisity ‘Doctor of Humanities’ (Honorary)
  • International Foodservice Distributors Association ‘Jefferson Award’
  • James F. Byrnes Foundation ‘Honorary Scholar’
  • Judge Advocates Foundation ‘Chief Justice John Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award’
  • Military Officers Association of America ‘Colonel Arthur T. Marix Congressional Leadership Award’
  • National Association of Community Health Centers ‘Distinguished Community Health SUPERHERO’
  • National Association of Development Organizations ‘National Leadership Award’
  • National Association of Drug Court Professionals ‘National Drug Court Congressional Leadership Award’
  • National Association of Manufacturers ‘Excellence in Manufacturing’
  • National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies ‘Benjamin Franklin Public Policy Award’
  • National Association of State Directors of Vocational Technical Education ‘State Directors’ Award
  • National Council of La Raza ‘Capitol Award’
  • National District Attorneys Association ‘President’s Award’
  • National Guard Association of South Carolina ‘President’s Award’
  • National Guard of the United States ‘G.V. ‘Sonny’ Montgomery Eagle Award’
  • National Hydrogen Association ‘Spark Matsunaga Memorial Hydrogen Award’
  • National Japanese American Memorial Foundation ‘Preservation of Constitutional Rights’
  • National Nutritional Foods Association ‘Congressional Champion’
  • National Patients Advocate Foundation ‘National Humanitarian Healthcare Award’
  • National Taxpayer Union ‘Taxpayer Friend’
  • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) ‘Guardian of Small Business’
  • National Association of Manufacturers ‘Award for Manufacting Legislative Excellence’
  • Presbyterian College ‘Doctor of Public Service’ (Honorary)
  • Reserve Officers Association ‘Minuteman of the Year’
  • Senior Army Reserve Commanders Association ‘Legislator of the Year’
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council ‘Small Business Champion’
  • Small Business Survival Committee ‘Small Business Advocate’
  • South Carolina Citizens for Life 2006 Legislator of the Year
  • South Carolina Council of Economic Education ‘Economics America’
  • South Carolina State University ‘Doctor of Laws’ (Honorary)
  • Southern Economic Development Council ‘Legislative Honor Roll’
  • Southern Wesleyan Univerisity ‘Doctor of Law’ (Honorary)
  • TIME magazine ‘Up-and-Comers’ in the U.S. Senate
  • U.S. Oncology ‘Medal of Honor Award’
  • University of South Carolina ‘Doctoral of Law’ (Honorary)
  • Winthrop University ‘Doctor of Humane Letters’ (Honorary)
  • YMCAs in South Carolina and across America ‘Congressional Champion’
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce ‘Spirit of Enterprise’

– Lindsey Graham Biography (Lindsey Graham)

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By Politicoscope April 3, 2017 00:00

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