UK POLITICS: Corbyn’s Car Runs Over BBC Cameraman Giles Wooltorton

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UK POLITICS: Corbyn’s Car Runs Over BBC Cameraman Giles Wooltorton

BBC cameraman has been run over by a car carrying Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour Leader rushed to attend a Clause V meeting this morning.

An ambulance arrived to treat a BBC cameraman had his foot run over by Jeremy Corbyn’s car as he slipped in the back door of the venue.

The cameraman, Giles Wooltorton, was taken away by the ambulance, and our reporter on the ground has reported that he is smiling and seems OK.

Matt Spencer from 5 News took photographs and videos at the scene and wrote: “Jeremy Corbyn was in the car as the tyre ran over this man’s foot. He’s receiving medical treatment – Corbyn’s gone inside.”

The cameraman told paramedics how the vehicle transporting Jeremy Corbyn ran over his leg.

Jeremy’s Corbyn’s convoy was desperate to avoid the cameras and journalists gathered outside the Clause V meeting this morning as he drove round the back.

But an injured snapper is this is the last thing Labour need right now.

Shadow cabinet members arrived at the meeting along with Labour’s NEC and union representatives.

Speaking to journalists before he went into the meeting, Unite’s General Secretary told reporters he was excited by what he’d read of the manifesto.

A Labour source told The Telegraph that the Party is looking into the incident.

– Daily Mail

– Telegraph

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