UK POLITICS: Fiona Hill Biography

By Politicoscope June 12, 2017 06:00

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UK POLITICS: Fiona Hill Biography

Fiercely loyal and seen as a formidable operator, Fiona Hill, known by her married name Cunningham before she was divorced, has been brought back into the fold after being forced to resign as Mrs May’s special adviser in a 2014 dispute with Michael Gove over who was to blame for briefing newspapers about an increase in extremism in schools.

A former Sky News and Scotsman journalist, she was at Mrs May’s side for four years at the Home Office, becoming a close confidante of the then home secretary, describing her as a “lioness”, according to the Spectator. She led work on the Modern Slavery Act and published her own report on the subject.

Spent her time in exile from politics as a director of lobbyists Lexington

Fiona Hill Full Biography
Unfairly or not, Ms Hill has become known as the Prime Minister’s defender-in-chief.

Fiona Hill was born in Greenock, in the west of Scotland, and was state educated in Glasgow.

She entered journalism as the sole female football writer for the Daily Record, before moving on to The Scotsman where she once praised the power of kitten heels – a favourite of Mrs May – in an article.

Ms Hill entered TV journalism with Sky News and then moved to work for the Conservative press office while the party was in opposition.

After a brief interlude at the British Chambers of Commerce, she returned to work for the Tory party and soon became special adviser to Mrs May at the Home Office, where she teamed up with Mr Timothy.

Perhaps due to her own fondness for fashion, Ms Hill was often branded Mrs May’s style adviser among her many other duties.

It is also said Mrs May’s focus on tackling modern slavery at the Home Office was a result of Ms Hill.

Known by her married name of Fiona Cunningham at the time, Ms Hill was forced to resign from the Home Office in 2014 following a spectacular row with then education secretary Michael Gove over Islamic extremism in state schools.

Ms Hill was revealed to have been the source of briefing against Mrs May’s Cabinet rival.

She went on to work for a lobbying firm before returning to Government – and having reverted to her birth name after a divorce – to link up with Mrs May and Mr Timothy again in Downing Street last summer.

Since that time, Ms Hill’s reputation as a fierce protector of the Prime Minister grew, getting involved in a furious text exchange with Nicky Morgan after the senior Tory MP criticised Mrs May’s £1,000 leather trousers.

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By Politicoscope June 12, 2017 06:00

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