AUSTRALIA POLITICS: Turnbull Becomes Emotional During UK Visit

By Politicoscope July 10, 2017 16:25

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AUSTRALIA POLITICS: Turnbull Becomes Emotional During UK Visit

British Prime Minister Theresa May has welcomed Malcolm Turnbull to Downing Street, with the two leaders reflecting on the recent terror attack at Borough Markets.

Speaking in the White Room at Number 10 before a formal closed-door meeting, Mrs May spoke of the strong links between Britain and Australia as they pledged to work more closely together on national security matters.

Mr Turnbull became emotional as he spoke about meeting two police officers who had attempted to save Australian victim Sara Zelenak, saying “the three of us did our best not to burst into tears,” as they recounted what happened.

“They were very brave men, very brave men and women and I just want to thank them on behalf of all Australians.

“It was a very moving visit … and I want to say how much we admire the outstanding response of your police arriving on the scene so quickly, dealing with the terrorists so effectively and decisively,” Mr Turnbull said.

“They ran towards the danger while others were fleeing it.”

The two prime ministers also spoke about the resilience of the community in the face of the terror threat, and said Britain and Australia would continue to fight terrorism at home and in the Middle East.

“We say to these killers to these terrorists that seek to change the way we live, we will not be cowed, we won’t change the way we live, we won’t stop going out at night, we won’t stop enjoying ourselves. We will defy you and defeat you.”

“We will continue to defeat them, in the field, at home, around the world, whether here in London, in Sydney and Melbourne in Manchester and in cyberspace as well.”

Mrs May spoke about Australian nurse Kirsty Boden who also lost her life in the Borough Market attack, praising her for having “rushed to the scene”.

“They didn’t think of themselves but went to help those who they saw in need.”

She said that the UK was going “to stand up against these terrorists”.

“They will not destroy our way of life, and our values will prevail.”

Mr Turnbull responded: “they will, because they are right.”

Malcolm Turnbull has praised the emergency service workers who responded to last month’s terror attack in London as “extraordinary”.

The Prime Minister — along with his British counterpart Theresa May — visited Borough Market after greeting a range of first responders including ambulance officers — three of whom are Australian — and police.

The leaders then walked through the market, standing just near where the terrorists were shot dead, as stallholders described how terrified people reacted.

Mr Turnbull asked one man about his experience, and he said he was on his way in when his wife called and said she was stuck inside the shop, after pulling the shutter down.

“They barricaded themselves didn’t they? They protected your customers … and others that came in. That’s great,” Mr Turnbull said.

“You’ve shown great resilience. Amazing policing; that response, just extraordinary.”

The relatively low-key visit took place as the area tries to return to normal; there was no visible security presence.

Borough Market only recently reopened after the June 3 attack, which killed eight people and wounded almost 50.

Three radical Islamic terrorists drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before running into the popular market area, stabbing people with foot-long knives as they went.

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All three terrorists were shot dead by police, who were on the scene within eight minutes.


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By Politicoscope July 10, 2017 16:25

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