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Economic Community of West Africa - ECOWAS

ECOWAS Team said: “The UNHCR / ECOWAS Parliament joint mission to the northeast is being conducted within the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on 5th October, 2016. This cooperation framework enables joint initiatives and activities on issues of common interest such as IDPs, refugees, stateless persons and asylum seekers.”Read More →


“We acknowledge the scale, challenge and unprecedented nature of the task of converting existing EU law into UK law, but as it stands this bill is constitutionally unacceptable,” said committee chairwoman Ann Taylor. Also, Theresa May battles rebellion within her own party over the best route out of the bloc.Read More →

Jacob Zuma - South Africa News Headline

“Whatever we do we need to deal with this matter with the level of maturity it requires, with the proper decorum and I will say we should never do it in a way that is going to humiliate President Zuma,” Ramaphosa said. The non-humiliation of Zuma is theme ANC members returned to when Zuma exit is discussed.Read More →