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Dapchi School Kidnappings - BOKO HARAM - NIGERIA NEWS

President Buhari says troops and reconnaissance aircraft would be used and no stone left unturned in the hunt for the girls. They are refusing to give further details of the search. Whether the Nigerian authorities will be able to find, and rescue, the Dapchi girls remains to be seen. Read more about the Dapchi girls.Read More →

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - SAUDI ARABIA NEWS IN POLITICS

King Salman “approved the document on developing the Ministry of Defense, including the vision and strategy of the ministry’s developing program, the operational pattern targeting its development, the organizational structure, governance and human resources requirements,” one statement said.Read More →

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Vladimir Putin - RUSSIA NEWS - RUSSIAN - RUSSIANS NEWS HEADLINES

Vladimir Putin was also quoted as saying that there should be similar pauses in the southeastern Syrian town of al-Tanf in Homs province and in Rukban, near the Jordanian border “so that civilians can return to their homes unhindered and begin to rebuild their civilian lives.”Read More →