Abimbola Lagunju

Abimbola Lagunju is a writer and author of several books.

Fulani Herdsmen Killings in Nigeria - Latest News - Headline - Nigeria Rendezvous

Anyone found guilty of carrying out a revenge killing or vendetta will face a death sentence. The family of the perpetrator will also have to pay a $100,000 (£72,000) fine. If someone comes to a communal area like a bore hole or a grazing area with a gun then the army or the police should confiscate the gun. If he refuses to hand over the weapon they should shoot him straight away in the head.Read More →

Nigeria FLAG

Nigeria’s history should be a holistic and forensic one that takes into account the complete person, actions and services of all those who have at a point or the other been determiners or actors in the complicated political, economic, religious trajectory of this nation. READ MORE.Read More →

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Here in Nigeria, we live in a de-facto modern Hobbesian state. Violence is a way of life in Nigeria. Every day, it hangs like a dark cloud on the inhabitants of the country. No one really knows when and in what form or from which quarters violence will be unleashed on the hapless citizens. The Nigerian State has lost its monopoly of violence and the instruments of violence pervade the Nigerian space. READ MORE.Read More →