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European Union and China

Luca Jahier, the president of the European Economic and Social Committee, told the South China Morning Post that the US still remains an important political and economic partner of the EU, even though the EU opposed Trump tariff measures.

“We ought to be careful not to respond to aggressive behaviour with aggressive behaviour. I don’t believe trade wars can be resolved by [adopting] protectionist stances,” Jahier said ahead of Monday’s annual China-EU summit in Beijing. The European Union has already seen the dire consequences of those policies in the past, and has learned its lessons.”Read More →


“Is there any place for the dignity and the rights of Muslim women? They have stalled legislation in Parliament, and they do not allow Parliament to run,” Modi said.

“These dynastic parties are toiling to oust Modi. I want to tell them that there are still four or five days left for the Parliament session to begin. Meet the victims of talaq and halala, ask them about their plight, and then put your point of view in Parliament,” he said.Read More →

Dawn Sturgess - UK News

Dawn Sturgess, a mother-of-three has died after she and her partner were exposed to the nerve agent novichok in Amesbury. Dawn Sturgess, 44, died In hospital on Sunday evening. Her partner Charlie Rowley, 45, is still in a critical condition after the couple fell ill on June 30.Read More →

F-35 - US F-35 Jet Plane

A Senate committee has slammed the Pentagon’s beleaguered F-35 fighter jet program, for claiming that a $661mn spend on bulk-buying parts would help it save some $1.2 billion. The real amount is half that, it has been revealed. According to the new report, the measure will generate savings of some $600 million, which is a half of the designated amount.Read More →

Recep Tayyip Erdogan - TURKEY headlines NEWS politics

Critics warn that it effectively represents “one-man rule,” with no state body strong enough to check Erdogan’s authority. But there does remain a sliver of hope — Erdogan’s success in the presidential race was not repeated in the parliamentary elections; he does not have full hold of parliament without relying on a precarious ally, and the opposition may still challenge him.Read More →


A Cabinet Office spokesperson said: “The government is committed to increasing transparency in digital campaigning in order to maintain a fair and proportionate democratic process, and we will be consulting on proposals for new imprint requirements on electronic campaigning in due course.”Read More →

Russian SU-57 or American F-35

The US-Russia Rivalry, the SU-57 vs F-35 Fighter Jet Competition is just heating up. Russia’s elite SU-57 stealth fighter jet is aggressively competing with the American F-35. As EurAsian Times reported, Turkey was also evaluating the SU-57 Fighter Jets, before finally getting the much-anticipated American F-35, only the second country after Israel.Read More →

Protest Against UK Heathrow Airport Runway Plan

The government won a key vote in the Commons by 415 votes to 119 – a majority of 296. Tory MPs were under orders to support the government – but Boris Johnson, a leading opponent of expansion, missed the vote because he was in Afghanistan. Labour’s official position was to oppose expansion, but its MPs were given a free vote. The SNP abstained.Read More →

Mehbooba Mufti and Amit Shah - India News

This is the first time Mehbooba has taken to Twitter to target the BJP — her former ally — after they withdrew support from the alliance with the PDP, causing the coalition government to collapse. Since Mehbooba resigned as chief minister, she has condemned civilian killings and warned the Centre of “serious consequences” if any changes are made to Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.Read More →

Social Services - Baby-Snatchers

There will always be children who are genuinely at risk, and social services have an undeniably hard job. But what families like Rosie’s need is support, not separation. Rosie is a good mother. Her post-natal depression has now subsided and, because she fought hard to prove her worth, George is still with her. For other families, there may be more tragic endings.Read More →