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CANADA: Justin Trudeau Wins 2015 Election

CANADA: Justin Trudeau Wins 2015 Election 0

Trudeau has won a majority of the 338 seats in Canada’s parliament.

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SOUTH AFRICA: ANC Ignores The Realities

SOUTH AFRICA: ANC Ignores The Realities 0

President Jacob Zuma must realise legislation sets the course for South Africa’s trajectory – either inhibiting or enabling the country to move forward.

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CANADA: The Niqab Splits Canadians In Parliamentary Election 0

“I think that the issue of the headscarf or the niqab is particularly contentious and has an element of Islamophobia.” Liesl Gerntholtz, executive director of the women’s rights division at Human Rights Watch.

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SOUTH AFRICA: ANC Officially Withdraws South Africa From ICC

SOUTH AFRICA: ANC Officially Withdraws South Africa From ICC 0

In justifying its decision to withdraw from ICC to South Africans, the ANC will make less of human rights commitment arguments, more of political reasons.

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PALESTINE: Hanan Mikhail Ashrawi Biography And Profile

PALESTINE: Hanan Mikhail Ashrawi Biography And Profile 0

Hanan Ashrawi was born on October 8, 1946 in Nablus, Palestine now part of the occupied West Bank. Read Hanan Mikhail Ashrawi Biography And Profile

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NIGERIA: Bola Tinubu, Bukola Saraki Quest For Political Leverage 0

Tinubu, a former senator and two-time governor of Lagos State, is a political juggernaut. Saraki is not unknown in the country’s political terrain.

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Open Letter To Nigeria Senate: Why Tunde Fowler Should Be Confirmed 0

Today my view is that, Tunde Fowler should be confirmed because the right person has been nominated for the right job.

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SOUTH AFRICA: NPA Wants 15 Years Jail For John Block 0

NPA Northern Cape spokesperson Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi confirmed: “The intention of the NPA is to ask for the maximum sentence prescribed by the law.”

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EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood Says 2015 Election Is A Farce 0

“I don’t think anyone in Egypt is taking it seriously,” Muslim Brotherhood official Wafaa Hefny said. “All of the candidates are hand-made candidates.”

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CANADA: Justin Trudeau Fights Harder To Win Voters Ahead Of Election 0

“This is going to be a very close election, and as we all know, [Conservative Leader Stephen] Harper still has tricks up his sleeve,” Mr. Trudeau said.

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CANADA: Stephen Harper Politics Over Niqab A Big Mistake 0

By pressing the niqab issue, starting in mid-September, they helped cause a sharp downturn in already soft NDP support in Quebec.

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NIGERIA: Senator Bukola Saraki And Bola Tinubu 0

It is not Saraki that is Tinubu’s problem; Tinubu’s main problem is President Buhari.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Sanral Takes Center Stage 0

“It is my contention that, as big a mess as Sanral and the department made of interpreting what Cyril Ramaphosa told the nation when they came up with their new dispensation tariffs, they cannot retrospectively fix their mess and apply a new tariff without violating Section 27(3)(d) of the Sanral Act,” said JPSA chairman Howard Dembovsky.

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CANADA: Raw Politics, Constitutional Wrangling To Face Canada 0

David Johnston could decide, for example, whether to dissolve Parliament and hold an election if a minority government is defeated.

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AUSTRALIA: Peter Dutton Says Abyan Abortion Claims Are ‘Fabrication’ 0

Abyan is one of two Somali asylum seekers who say they were raped on Nauru.

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EGYPT: President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi Urges Voters To Take Part In Parliamentary Elections 0

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi currently holds legislative powers.

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NIGERIA: How Long To Wait For President Buhari’s Change? 0

It is obvious that President Buhari is making his choice of appointees based on party-membership, ethnicity and religiosity.

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NIGERIA: Babatunde Fashola Politics Quote Of Day 0

Here are some of the famous quotes credited to former Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola.

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CANADA: What If Stephen Harper Wins Most Seats But Not A Majority? 0

Stephen ​Harper has won minority governments before and carried on as prime minister with periodic support of one of the other parties.

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SOUTH AFRICA: Democratic Alliance In Spat Over Nomcgobo Jiba At Parliament 0

“We will definitely take the matter further and take Motshekga’s conduct to the chair of chairs, Cedric Frolick,” DA MP Marius Redelinghuys said.

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