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Deaths, Bloods on Nigeria Streets: Amnesty Calls On Buhari to End Gruesome Killings

The Amnesty International Nigeria has called on the federal government to take urgent steps at ending what it described as an epidemic of gruesome killings across the country.

Responding to a spate of killings in Nigeria over the past week by herdsmen, ethnic militias and cult groups which have left dozens dead across parts of Benue, Kaduna, Rivers and Taraba States, the Director of Amnesty International Nigeria, Osai Ojigho, in a statement expressed disappointment that no one has been brought to book. According to him, the government must make better use of its resources to bring the perpetrators to justice.

He added: “The Nigerian authorities must do more to end this epidemic of gruesome killings of dozens of people across the country. Though these clashes have been going on for years, we have seen a disturbing escalation in the bloodshed since the start of 2018. The government must make better use of its resources to bring the perpetrators of these attacks to justice.

“No-one has ever been held to account for the many murders committed during these clashes. The pattern of attacks and reprisals is reaching a boiling point because of the failure of authorities to carry out investigations and end the rampant impunity for previous crimes. It is not enough for government to make pronouncements or issue condemnations, it is vital that those responsible are punished.

“This is the only way to start to tame this wave of violence that is endangering lives across the country. That herdsmen, ethnic militias and cult groups kill Nigerians with ease should be a wakeup call for the Nigerian government to ensure accountability for every violation of human rights.”

More than 57 people were killed in Benue State on January 1, while in Rivers State, at least 17 people were killed also on January 1.

Also, at least six people were killed in Taraba State on January 5. Similarly, in Kaduna State, a traditional ruler and his pregnant wife were killed on January 1, 2018.

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