El Pretambula Arambula Viveros

El Pretambula Arambula Viveros Behind Piedras Negras Assassination

A former Mexican cop is being singled out at the triggerman behind the assassination of a congressional candidate in Piedras Negras, Coahuila. The former cop’s brother, a retired Mexican military officer, is believed to have directly helped.

New information released by the Coahuila government revealed that Ignacio “El Pretambula” Arambula Viveros, a former high-ranking police officer in the state of Tabasco, is identified as the triggerman who shot and killed former Piedras Negras Mayor and Congressional Candidate Fernando Purón.

Ignacio’s brother, former Mexican Army officer Erick Arambula Viveros, is believed to have helped. The candidate was participating in a political debate at a local university when a bearded gunman walked up and shot him while he was posing for photographs.

Through the ongoing investigation, Coahuila authorities were able to seize several weapons and ammunition linked to the case, however, the two suspects managed to elude capture. The two Arambula brothers were identified as wanted men in connection with Puron’s murder, however, authorities did not reveal their alleged roles in the crime.

In addition to being the former police chief in Tenisique, Tabasco, Ignacio Arambula was linked to several cases dealing with organized crime and abuse of power.

According to Coahuila investigators, through the use of approximately 10 private and government surveillance cameras in place at the university, authorities were reportedly able to identify Ignacio and Erick as the men drove around the campus hours before the event in a compact vehicle.

The two allegedly stalked Puron until the moment of the execution. State authorities have not revealed if the Arambula brothers are part of a specific drug cartel or tied to some other criminal organization.

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