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PM Theresa May announced economic and diplomatic measures, including the suspension of high-level bilateral contacts with Russia. An invitation for Russian FM Sergey Lavrov to visit Britain is canceled, and May said British ministers and royals will not attend the soccer World Cup in Russia this summer. READ MORE.Read More →

Atena Daemi and Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee - IRAN NEWS

Atena Daemi and Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee are being held in unsanitary conditions in the quarantine section of the prison and their access to the outside world is being severely restricted. People detained in this section are given inadequate food and provided with salty water to drink. READ MORE.Read More →

Sergey Lavrov - Russia News Headline

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters in Moscow that his country’s requests to see samples of the nerve agent have been turned down. He insisted Russia is “not to blame” for the poisoning. “We have already made a statement to say this is nonsense,” he said. “We have nothing to do with this.” READ MORE.Read More →

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Vladimir Putin - RUSSIA NEWS - RUSSIAN - RUSSIANS NEWS HEADLINES

Litvinenko died slowly, with the poison transforming him into a stick-thin figure wasting away on a hospital bed, and he blamed Putin shortly before he died. A decade later, a laborious public inquiry concluded he had been killed by Russia’s security service, “probably” with Putin’s approval. READ MORE.Read More →