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Crimean War - Crimean War Facts, Crimean War Map, Who Won the Crimean War, Crimean War Significance, Crimean War Combatants, Crimean War Casualties

The Crimean War was a result of Russian pressure on Turkey; this threatened British commercial and strategic interests in the Middle East and India. France, having provoked the crisis for prestige purposes, used the war to cement an alliance with Britain and to reassert its military power. READ MORE.Read More →

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Vladimir Putin - Russia News Now

“Any autocrat wants love,” said analyst Andrei Kolesnikov of the Carnegie Moscow Center, and Putin gets that love “from high support in elections.” Expected to win as much as 80 percent of the vote, Putin will further cement his authority over Russia, a czar-like figure with a democratic veneer. READ MORE.Read More →

Israel-Ethiopian Minority

The Ministry of Immigration and Immigrant Absorption said “the subject of the continuation of Ethiopian immigration is on the government’s agenda.” “It’s intensely painful. I miss them like crazy,” Bililin said about her sisters. “(The government) doesn’t understand that pain.” READ MORE.Read More →

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Vladimir Putin - RUSSIA NEWS - RUSSIAN - RUSSIANS NEWS HEADLINES

Litvinenko died slowly, with the poison transforming him into a stick-thin figure wasting away on a hospital bed, and he blamed Putin shortly before he died. A decade later, a laborious public inquiry concluded he had been killed by Russia’s security service, “probably” with Putin’s approval. READ MORE.Read More →

North Korea - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

“North Korea can be expected to proceed on all these things … unless an agreement freezes or stops these activities, something unlikely in the short run,” said David Albright, a nuclear non-proliferation expert who heads Washington’s Institute for Science and International Security. READ MORE.Read More →