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Nelson Mandela - South Africa Headline News - Africa Top Story

July 18 marks 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013. Visitors can follow in Mandela’s footsteps from the villages where he was born and raised, to the Soweto township where he became an anti-apartheid leader, to Robben Island where he was imprisoned for years.Read More →

China Veterans - Chinese Retired Soldiers

“It can only irritate veterans that on the one hand they hear propaganda that China is now a wealthy, powerful country that reveres its military, yet on the other hand they feel they have to fight for scraps,” said Neil Diamant, a professor of Dickinson University and expert on Chinese veteran issues.Read More →

Social Workers - Social Services and Family

Judge Horton said: ‘It is exceptional to find a case in which there has been deliberate and calculated alteration of a report prepared by one social worker in order to make that assessment seem less favourable, by another social worker and the team manager; the withholding of the original report when it was ordered to be disclosed and the parties to the alterations lying on oath one of them twice, in order to try to cover up the existence of the original report.’Read More →

Social Services - Baby-Snatchers

There will always be children who are genuinely at risk, and social services have an undeniably hard job. But what families like Rosie’s need is support, not separation. Rosie is a good mother. Her post-natal depression has now subsided and, because she fought hard to prove her worth, George is still with her. For other families, there may be more tragic endings.Read More →

Babies For Adoption

From the time a child is named on a social services care order until the day they are adopted, the parents are breaking the law – a crime punishable by imprisonment – if they tell anyone what is happening to their family. As High Court judge Mr Justice Munby told MPs: “It seems quite indefensible that there should be no access by the media, and no access by the public, to what is going on in courts where judges are, day by day, taking people’s children away.” Read More →

Breastfeeding Mother Says Officials Took Her Baby At Immigrant Detention Center

When the woman resisted, she was handcuffed, Natalia Cornelio, the attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project, recalled from her interview with the woman, who had been detained under the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy to refer anyone caught crossing the border illegally for federal prosecution.Read More →

Olusegun Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo said since he released his State-of-the-Nation Special Statement in January, there had been unabated “desperation to frustrate, intimidate and blackmail him into abandoning his divine mandate to protect the rights of the people to better life and living.”Read More →