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President Buhari looks the other way while his kinsmen – Fulani herdsmen – have turned Benue and other states in the country to killing fields. It is evident that he tacitly approved the killings. With his waffling, wobbling, and shuffling, on restructure, and the genocide carried out by Fulani herdsmen, President Buhari hastens Nigeria’s break up.Read More →

Court - Justice - NEWS HEADLINE

Often, the disinherited candidates skulk away to a corner to sulk quietly. If they complain loudly or, worse, head to court to seek justice, they are accused of disloyalty and charged with anti-party activities. Dreading the backlash that comes with such stigma, many a Nigerian political aspirant, when defrauded by their political party, remains mum.Read More →

All Progressives Congress (APC) - NIGERIA NEWS HEADLINE

Typical of a political party that does nothing right and gets everything wrong, the All Progressives Congress, APC, finally announces its readiness to hold what it terms a “mega rally” in Abia State after postponing the said rally several times in the past due to unending internal wrangling and a fear of embarrassment it might suffer from the poor attendance that was obvious to be the lot of such a rally.Read More →

Political Parties - World Politics - World Political Parties

There’s little difficulty in showing that some of the most venerable political parties of the democratic world may be facing terminal crises. The difficulty is in determining if government by a party or parties – the sustaining base of administrations the democratic world over – can last.Read More →

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Vladimir Putin - Russia News Now

“In Syria, the liberation came from Russia, and from the government troops with the support of Iran. And now it’s very difficult for such a power as the United States to recognize its failure. That is the reason why, I think, they are trying again and again to give support to jihadists.”Read More →