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Cyril Ramaphosa - South Africa News Story

“The hour, the day, and the moment could have arrived for Africa to have its own currency so that we get out of our heads this colonial mentality of relying on other people’s currency. We can match that currency with others,” Cyril Ramaphosa told African leaders.Read More →

Cyril Ramaphosa - South Africa News Headlines

President Muhammadu Buhari said, “Congratulations also to the African National Congress (ANC), and the Government and people of South Africa, on the peaceful transfer of power that resulted in the election of President Ramaphosa,” President Buhari tweeted in reaction to the development.”Read More →

Jacob Zuma - South Africa News Headline

“Whatever we do we need to deal with this matter with the level of maturity it requires, with the proper decorum and I will say we should never do it in a way that is going to humiliate President Zuma,” Ramaphosa said. The non-humiliation of Zuma is theme ANC members returned to when Zuma exit is discussed.Read More →