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China Lands Strategic Bomber on South China Sea - H-6K

China angers US after landing planes, including H-6K bomber, on a South China Sea reef. The Pentagon condemned the military activity as ‘raising tensions and destabilising the region’.Read More →

China Air-to-Air Missile Systems

“In the United States we’ve been on holiday for 25 years and maybe a little bit more,” Michael Griffin, under secretary of defence for research and engineering, said in a recent address to the Hudson Institute, a Washington think tank. “We failed to continue to fund the practices that had gotten us where we were, which was at the very top of the technological heap.”Read More →

Human Rights

Criticizing the direction in which America is heading with the wealthiest minority grabbing all the power, the report argued that the once exemplary American democracy is “drowning in money.”Read More →

Donald Trump

“The US is setting a very bad precedent by bluntly breaching its commitment made to the world. WTO members should jointly prevent the resurrection of 301 investigations and lock this beast back into the cage of the WTO rules,” Beijing’s envoy Zhang Xiangchen said.Read More →

Xi Jinping - China Politics

The Communist Party newspaper Global Times quoted government expert Feng Yue of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as saying the move will “concentrate the resources and authority to improve China’s influence overseas and promote China’s international image.”Read More →

Telescope unit forming part of the Chinese tracking system, deployed at Pakistan

China provides tracking system for Pakistan’s missile programme. Tracking system could allow Islamabad to speed up development of missile that can target multiple cities or military sites. India and Pakistan are in a heated race to build up their nuclear weapons capabilities.Read More →