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Beate Zschaepe - German News in Politics

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas vowed to combat such neo-Nazi hate by upholding Germany’s commitment to tolerance and rejecting extremism.

“We not only stand up to racist violence with the strength of the law. Intolerance and hate must be met with the diversity of our open societies,” he wrote on Twitter, adding that “the victims remain unforgotten”.Read More →

Angela Merkel - Politics News in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been at odds for more than three weeks with Interior Minister Horst Seehofer over his insistence that migrants who have sought asylum elsewhere in the European Union should be turned away at Germany’s borders. Seehofer leads the Christian Social Union, the sister party to the chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union. Read More →

Angela Merkel - Germany News Headlines

Angela Merkel hopes this week’s European summit can save her from a migrant crisis that could cost her job. And while there is little love lost for the German chancellor in many capitals, they appear ready to help her out for reasons of self-interest. Read More →

Angela Merkel - Germany News Headlines

Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU) called on Monday for new measures to curb immigration but said a plan to turn away migrants at the border still needed work, buying time in a row with Chancellor Angela Merkel that is rocking her coalition. Read More →

Nordstream, Gas, Nord Stream 2 - Nord Stream II - Russian News

The Nord Stream 2 project will double the amount of natural gas Russia can funnel directly to the heart of Europe from newly tapped reserves in Siberia, intentionally skirting eastern European nations like Poland and Ukraine.Read More →

Horst Seehofer - Germany

“No, Islam does not belong to Germany, Germany is marked by Christianity, non-working Sundays, Christian holidays and rituals like Easter, Pentecost and Christmas are part of it,” Horst said. Seehofer, boss of the very conservative CSU, Bavarian ally of the CDU of Mrs Merkel.Read More →