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Neither side is showing signs of wanting to ease a quarrel that flared when Canada’s foreign minister criticized the recent arrests of 11 prominent rights activists in Saudi Arabia. “We should not apologize, and we should be ready to accept further retaliation from Riyadh,” wrote Jim Warren, a columnist for the Toronto Sun.

“When we consider Canadian values versus Saudi Arabian values, we must stand up for what is right and for what we believe in. This will require sacrifices. Doing the right thing sometimes costs you something.”Read More →

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“The rupture in Saudi diplomatic relations with Canada reinforces how the ‘new’ Saudi Arabia that Mohammed bin Salman is putting together is in no mood to tolerate any form of criticism of its handling of domestic affairs,” said Kristian Ulrichsen, a fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute in the United States.Read More →

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Polls show the ruling Liberals are facing an increasing threat from the official opposition Conservatives and Trudeau made 11 changes to freshen up his front bench. In a significant move, trade minister Francois-Philippe Champagne was promoted to the infrastructure portfolio, where he will oversee plans to spend billions of dollars on major projects.Read More →

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Canada will extend its military presence in Latvia by four years, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday during a visit to Riga a day before a NATO summit. “We remain unwavering in our support to security in the Baltic region,” Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told at a news conference.Read More →

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Looks like an already highly liberal Canada has taken the very notion of tolerance to a whole new level. But could the “progressive” policies of the self-proclaimed feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau eventually backfire? Trudeau himself is no stranger to controversy surrounding his “progressive” policies.Read More →