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Nicolas Maduro - Venezuela Politics Headline News

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that he will permit FBI agents to aid in the investigation into the recent assassination attempt against him. If Washington confirms “the offer for the FBI to investigate links in Florida with the assassination plan… I would agree for the FBI to come here,” said Maduro on Sunday.Read More →

Venezuelan Leader Nicolas Maduro Before the Drone Blast

Nicolas Maduro vowed to inflict “maximum punishment” on those who tried “to assassinate me.” He pointed the finger at outgoing Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and “the ultra-right wing” — a term he uses to describe domestic opposition — even as a mysterious rebel group claimed responsibility.

“There will be no forgiveness,” Nicolas Maduro warned, for what a military statement said was an act of “barbarism in a desperate attempt to destabilize” the government.Read More →

Venezuelan Leader Nicolas Maduro Before the Drone Blast

At least one explosion rocked a military event where Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was giving a speech on Saturday. Nicolas Maduro said he survived an assassination attempt involving explosive drones on Saturday thanks to God, the people and the country’s armed forces, and he blamed Colombia and the United States for what he called a right-wing plot to kill him.

“This was an assassination attempt, they tried to assassinate me,” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said in a later televised address. Read More →

Donald Trump vs Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro - Venezuela News US Headline Stories

“Mind your own business and solve your own problems, Mr. Trump!” thundered Nicolas Maduro, the president’s son, at the government-stacked constituent assembly. “If Venezuela were attacked, the rifles will arrive in New York, Mr. Trump,” the younger Maduro said. “We will take the White House.”Read More →