American Patriots

Letter to American Patriots

Dear Patriots,

Our nation is in real danger of being run by a foreign entity. However, the solution stares at us all in the eyes. Republicans in Washington Can No Longer Be Trusted To Safeguard the Wellbeing of our Nation. Their agenda is nefarious and their actions are treason.

  •  January 20, 2017, Mr. Trump swore to protect the nation against all enemies but he has instead colluded with the United States number one enemy, Russia.
  •  Devin Nuñes was appointed chairman of the Intelligence Committee in the House to investigate crime committed by the executive branch against the citizens of the country but has instead engaged in helping the White House with cover-up.
  • Paul Ryan whose job as House Speaker is to safeguard the impartiality of the Legislative Branch but has instead engaged in quid pro quo seeking to curry favor from the Executive Branch.

It is undeniable that Republicans in Washington in both the Executive and the Legislative Branches have forfeited their sacred duty to protect the nation. Their nefarious agenda has made a mockery of our democracy; their action teeter on the brink of treason, by some analysis.

We The People can no longer stand on the sideline and watch those bad elements of the government destroy the country the world used to look up to for solutions, people the world over used to come to for opportunities, governments the world over used to work with to improve their countries.

Today, the world cannot distance itself far enough from the United States; our allies are forging alliances with others and searching for a new leader; our enemies are emboldened.

Republicans in Washington Can No Longer Be Trusted to Lead the Nation.
We The People can no longer stand on the sideline.

It is our duty to rid our government of all bad actors. Failure to do so will rob us, our children and our grandchildren of the opportunity to live in a country governed by the rule of law.

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This crisis created by those bad actors is not politics as usual. The crisis threatens our democracy and our sovereignty. To do nothing is not an option. To shrug it off is not a solution. We The People can no longer stand on the sideline.

I encourage all Americans to wear their patriotic hats to defend the country against our enemy and rid off our nation of the bad elements: impeach Donald Trump for colluding with Russia and prosecute Devin Nunes and Paul Ryan for helping with cover-up.

This. Is. Not. A. Movie! There is no happy ending. There is no hero to save us.

We The People can no longer stand on the sideline.


Mike Ducheine

The Watchman

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