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Comfort Women Japan South Korea

People in South Korea and Taiwan unveiled monuments and staged protests on Tuesday to mark Japan’s wartime use of “comfort women”, a euphemism for girls and women forced to work in Japan’s wartime brothels. “My hope is that this issue will not lead to a diplomatic dispute between South Korea and Japan. I also do not think that this will be solved by a bilateral diplomatic solution,” South Korean President Moon Jae-in said in commemoration of the day.Read More →

Benjamin Netanyahu vs Jeremy Corbyn - Israel News - UK Top Headline Stories

Unimpressed, Netanyahu said in a tweet:

“The laying of a wreath by Jeremy Corbyn on the graves of the terrorists who perpetrated the Munich massacre and his comparison of Israel to the Nazis deserves unequivocal condemnation from everyone – left, right and everything in between.”

Corbyn responded: “Netanyahu’s claims about my actions and words are false. What deserves unequivocal condemnation is the killing of over 160 Palestinian protesters in Gaza by Israeli forces since March, including dozens of children.”Read More →

Justin Trudeau - Canada Politics Headline Story

Neither side is showing signs of wanting to ease a quarrel that flared when Canada’s foreign minister criticized the recent arrests of 11 prominent rights activists in Saudi Arabia. “We should not apologize, and we should be ready to accept further retaliation from Riyadh,” wrote Jim Warren, a columnist for the Toronto Sun.

“When we consider Canadian values versus Saudi Arabian values, we must stand up for what is right and for what we believe in. This will require sacrifices. Doing the right thing sometimes costs you something.”Read More →

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - Iran News Headlines

“More than the sanctions, economic mismanagement (by the government) is putting pressure on ordinary Iranians… I do not call it betrayal but a huge mistake in management,” state TV quoted Khamenei as saying.

“With better management and more efficient planning we can resist the sanctions and overcome them,” Khamenei said, in an apparent effort to deflect public anger over the deteriorating economy towards Rouhani’s government.Read More →

Bashar al-Assad - Syria News - Bashar al Assad - Syrian

“The focus of the meeting is to make necessary arrangements for the meeting of the High Commission for Economic Affairs, which will be held in the coming days with the participation of senior Iranian and Syrian officials to finalize the contracts,” IRNA said.Read More →

Moon Jae-in - Kim Jong Un - South Korea - North Korea

The two Koreas held a fresh round of talks at the DMZ on Monday to discuss the third summit, led by the South’s Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon and Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the North’s reunification committee.

“If the issues that were raised at the talks aren’t resolved, unexpected problems could emerge and the issues that are already on the schedule may face difficulties,” Ri said at the end of the meeting.Read More →

Hassan Rouhani - Iran Headline News

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said the Caspian states have great potentials and opportunities for cooperation, especially in the fields of economy, transportation of goods and passengers, as well as tourism, which will be discussed during the summit.

“Cooperation among the countries on extraction and exploitation of oil, as well as oil and gas swaps are among issues always discussed between us and the other littoral states and these debates will continue at the summit.” Read More →

Syrian Rebels Fighters of National Army - Syrian National Army - Syria News

A “National Army” being set up by Syrian rebels with Turkey’s help could become a long-term obstacle to President Bashar al-Assad’s recovery of the northwest – if they can end factional rivalries that have long blighted the opposition. “We are at the beginning. We face many difficulties but we are working to overcome them,” Colonel Haitham Afisi, head of the National Army said.Read More →

Syrian Air Defences - Russian Pantsir-S1 Anti-Aircraft Defence System - Syria News

Syrian state media said on Saturday air defences had confronted a “hostile target” breaching the country’s air space west of the capital Damascus in the early hours of the morning. SANA suggested Israel was to blame for the incursions. “In the past few weeks, the Israeli enemy has attacked military positions,” it said.Read More →