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Maira Figueroa Free After 15 Years In Jail Because of Miscarriage

Salvadoran Maira Figueroa was released Tuesday after spending 15 years behind bars for a miscarriage, considered by the courts as a homicide, a second release in this type of case after the emblematic Teodora Vasquez.

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El Salvador has some of the most stringent anti-abortion laws in the world: the penal code provides for two to eight years’ imprisonment for abortion cases, but in fact judges consider any loss of the baby as a “homicide”. aggravated “, punished by 30 to 50 years of imprisonment.

Maira Figueroa, 34, was released at 08:20 local (14H20 GMT) from the prison for women located east of San Salvador, the capital, said an AFP journalist.

“I am happy to be with my family,” said the woman, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2003, before her sentence was finally commuted by the courts.

At the time, Maira Figueroa was 19 years old and had become pregnant after being raped. This domestic worker had been victim several months after a hemorrhage at her place of work, then transferred to the hospital where the baby died.

She “was arrested and accused of causing miscarriage,” said in a statement the collective citizen group for the legalization of abortion, the source of recourse to justice in El Salvador.

This is the second Salvadoran to benefit from this type of measure this year, after the February 15 release of Teodora Vasquez who had just spent 11 years in prison for miscarriage.

But there are still 26 women imprisoned in El Salvador for miscarriage, “under draconian abortion laws,” Amnesty International recently called for their release.


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