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No Guarantee For Palestinians Safety Because of US Veto

The United States on Friday vetoed a Kuwait-authored resolution condemning Israel for the continuing violence in its clashes with Gaza protesters.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley cast the only vote on the 15-member Security Council to oppose the resolution, welding the US veto as a permanent council member. Ten nations voted in favour of the resolution, with four including the United Kingdom abstaining.

Meanwhile, the draft, rolled out by the United States, which suggested condemning the Gaza-based Hamas militant group, which Israel accuses of stoking tensions in the exclave during weeks of deadly protests by Palestinians, also hasn’t been supported by the Security Council, only getting support from its creators while three members of the council voted against it and 11 abstained.

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Earlier, the UN Security Council meeting was delayed after US Ambassador Nikki Haley warned she would “unquestionably veto” the Arab-backed resolution she called one-sided and morally bankrupt.

Previously, the UN human rights commissioner demanded that Israeli soldiers exercise restraint in using live fire against Gazans, who seek to return to their ancestral lands. Over a hundred have died and thousands have been injured since the the beginning of unrest months ago.

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