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Dapchi School Kidnappings - BOKO HARAM - NIGERIA NEWS

President Buhari says troops and reconnaissance aircraft would be used and no stone left unturned in the hunt for the girls. They are refusing to give further details of the search. Whether the Nigerian authorities will be able to find, and rescue, the Dapchi girls remains to be seen. Read more about the Dapchi girls.Read More →

Family members react as they embrace a relative (R), one of the 82 schoolgirls released after captivity at the hands of Boko Haram for three years, in Abuja, Nigeria

“Everybody is celebrating their coming with songs and praises to God,” said Babagana Umar, a parent whose daughter disappeared. “The only sad news is that two girls were dead and no explanation.” Boko Haram militants descended on Dapchi in trucks, some with heavy guns mounted on them and painted in military camouflage.Read More →


Buhari, Buhari, Buhari: how many times did I call you? Do not disappoint Nigerians. Most of the people that voted for you know your weakness but they were convinced that given another opportunity, you would do better. Indeed, most of those people had prayed for your recovery and still support you. So far you have tackled Boko Haram better than your predecessor and the Country came out of economic recession, despite the fact that economy is not your expertise.Read More →