Uighur Protesters - China News

“We are deeply concerned at the many numerous and credible reports that we have received that in the name of combating religious extremism and maintaining social stability (China) has changed the Uighur autonomous region into something that resembles a massive internship camp that is shrouded in secrecy, a sort of ‘no rights zone’,” she told the start of a two-day regular review of China’s record, including Hong Kong and Macao.Read More →

2018 Zimbabwe Elections

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday it believed this week’s election in Zimbabwe had generally proceeded in an orderly fashion, and that it hoped all sides can ensure the country’s stability following post-vote clashes.

“According to their observations on the ground, the level of participation of Zimbabwe’s people was high, the election was generally peaceful and orderly,” Geng Shuang said.Read More →

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan at the BRICS summit

The Turkish President has suggested that the leaders of the five-member BRICS bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) should add “T” to the acronym. Erdogan was invited to the group’s latest forum and told Hurriyet Daily News on its sidelines that current members welcomed the idea of Turkey’s accession.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “believes there is a need to diversify Turkey’s foreign policy, because he is seriously disappointed with western structures, with the EU; he has rather strained relations with the US,” Bakhrevskiy noted.Read More →

Russian Flag - Japanese Flag - Russia News - Japan News

If and when Russia or Japan face problems or frictions with each other, India, in view of its cordial relations with both countries, can act as messenger or mediator for both. It is, therefore, in India’s interests to see Moscow and Tokyo deepening their relationship since both India and Japan are part of the Quad.Read More →

Russian S-400 - S-400 Missile Systems from Russia

China could put its new Russian S-400 missile defence system – which is capable of downing US F-35 stealth fighters – through its paces before the end of the month, Moscow said on Friday, citing an unnamed military source. “It is planned that in late July or early August the unit of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that underwent training in Russia will carry out a test firing against a simulated ballistic target at a Chinese firing ground,” the person said.Read More →

European Union and China

Luca Jahier, the president of the European Economic and Social Committee, told the South China Morning Post that the US still remains an important political and economic partner of the EU, even though the EU opposed Trump tariff measures.

“We ought to be careful not to respond to aggressive behaviour with aggressive behaviour. I don’t believe trade wars can be resolved by [adopting] protectionist stances,” Jahier said ahead of Monday’s annual China-EU summit in Beijing. The European Union has already seen the dire consequences of those policies in the past, and has learned its lessons.”Read More →

Russia Flag - China Flag

Among the Chinese military aircraft at the International Army Games on July 28 will be H-6K bombers, which have carried out patrols around the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait. “There’s also an apparent desire to showcase the PLA Air Force’s strategic theatre capability through the bomber force,” Koh said. Read More →

Liu Xiaobo - Hong Kong News

A veteran of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Liu died from liver cancer while serving an 11-year sentence for “subversion” on the mainland. Dozens of pro-democracy campaigners gathered outside China’s liaison office in the semi-autonomous city, ahead of a larger public memorial event due to take place in the evening.Read More →

China Military Vehicles in Africa

When defence officials from China and the African nations on Tuesday wrap up a high-level security forum, both sides are expected to vow to enhance defence relations, boosting a bond between the two parties that already includes surging Chinese arms sales to Africa.Read More →