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The new tax proposals are aimed at giving Republican lawmakers a selling point as they prepare to leave Washington to campaign in their districts.

“Wages are falling as the cost of living climbs higher and higher,” Wyden said in a statement.

“Instead of working across the aisle on ways to boost paychecks for working Americans, congressional Republicans laid out a plan to give the fortunate few another round of deficit-exploding tax cuts.”Read More →

Mitt Romney - USA NEWS

Flashing his trademark smile and touting a patched-up relationship with the president, Mitt Romney rolled through the Republican primary in his adopted Utah on Tuesday and took another step in his political comeback that would have him assume the Senate seat of retiring Orrin Hatch.Read More →

Mitch McConnell - GOP - US Republican - USA News

GOP Senators have done nothing since the January shutdown to argue that Democrats favor illegals over Americans. In January, that tough argument — by McConnell, among others — helped them win the shutdown fight, according to the Washington Post.Read More →