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JAMAICA POLITICS: Lisa Rene Hanna Biography

JAMAICA POLITICS: Lisa Rene Hanna Biography

Lisa Rene Hanna was born on 27 August 1975, 8 o’clock news was on at the University Hospital of the West Indies

“The community influenced me a great deal. I grew up to love the animals, to appreciate the sense of belonging to the earth and being very comfortable around Jamaicaness and the Jamaican people; of eating off of a fire. I was stimulated by the simplicity,” she recalls. “We did not have a lot. People think the name Hanna meant I came from wealth. We were a typical middle class family.”

At the age of 18 Lisa was crowned beauty queen in 1993 when she became the third Jamaican to proudly wear the title Miss World . Along with the crown, she walked away with five of the eight sectional prizes that year. She was the overwhelming crowd favorite who dazzled the crowd with her breathtaking beauty, brilliant intelligence, and winning smile.

“The Miss Jamaica World stage was at times a harrowing experience. It was then that I understood that Jamaican people like you or they don’t like you. And they will tell you whether or not you are fit to be in a situation,” – Hon Lisa Hanna.

“As a politician, there will always be opinions about performance as the Opposition’s job is to nit-pick. I actually thrive on criticism and am driven by it.” – Hon Lisa Hanna.

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