F-35 - US F-35 Jet Plane

A Senate committee has slammed the Pentagon’s beleaguered F-35 fighter jet program, for claiming that a $661mn spend on bulk-buying parts would help it save some $1.2 billion. The real amount is half that, it has been revealed. According to the new report, the measure will generate savings of some $600 million, which is a half of the designated amount.Read More →

Chemical Weapon

Unfortunately, the report made by Bulgarian journalist didn’t attract much attention. In case of a massive use of combat viruses, developed and tested in the U.S. laboratories, the population of some regions may face a great danger, the consequences of which are hard to imagine.Read More →

Russia Hysonic Missile

Hypersonics are generally defined as missiles that can fly more than five times the speed of sound. “Right now, we’re helpless,” Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in advocating for more investment in hypersonics, along with missile defense.Read More →

Iraq News Headline

Seven American military personnel have died in a helicopter crash in western Iraq, the US Defence Department says. The Pentagon says the incident on Thursday night did not appear to be the result of enemy activity. Another US helicopter immediately reported the crash and the site was secured by Iraqi security forces and coalition troops. The Pave Hawk helicopter crashed near the town of al-Qaim, Anbar province, near the Syrian border. The Pentagon said the aircraft was operating as a medevac. The US military says there are more than 5,000 American soldiers in Iraq as part of the fight against the Islamic State group.Read More →

Russian Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile - Hypersonic Missiles

“We’ve been watching Russia for a long time. We’re not surprised,” White said, following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation address, which highlighted Russia’s new nuclear arsenal – including hypersonic missiles.” Read more.Read More →