Gaza, Palestinians Protest Against Israel - Palestine News

Ahmed Oudeh, 19, 33-year-old Jihad Farina and Mahmoud Sa’di Rahmi were all killed east of Gaza City as well. A 22-year-old Palestinian man, identified as Ibrahim Abu Sha’ar, was also shot dead east of Rafah. Since 1948, the Israeli regime has denied Palestinian refugees the right to return, despite United Nations resolutions and international law that upholds people’s right to return to their homelands.Read More →

US Defense Deal With Ghana Sparks Protest, Ghanaians Say 'Ghana First'

“The whole concept undermines our sovereignty,” lawmaker Ras Mubarak said. “Wherever the U.S. has built bases in Africa there have been terrorist bombings. It is a major security threat to Ghana and we must oppose it.”Read More →

Israeli - Protest Against Israel Killing Palestinians

The Palestinians’ right of return has been a cornerstone of their demands for any settlement of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Palestinians’ demand that about five million of their compatriots be granted the right to return to lands and homes in Israel that they or their kin lost. READ MORE.Read More →

Australia Day Celebration

There are about 700,000 Aborigines in a population of 23 million in Australia, whose descendants date back about 50,000 years before British colonisers arrived. They suffer disproportionately high rates of suicide, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and imprisonment.Read More →

Donald Trump burnt in protest in Palestine West Bank

Thousands of Palestinians took to the streets of Gaza and the occupied West Bank for the fourth Friday in a row in protests against U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. An Israeli military spokeswoman said soldiers had shot at “main instigators” who posed a direct threat to the troops and who were trying to damage the border security fence.Read More →