Syria War

UK, US, FRANCE - War in Syria

“Judging by the fact that it took them [the US, Britain and France] more than an hour to conduct a joint missile strike, we can assume that the three had failed to take coordinated action,” Admiral Vladimir Valuyev, former commander of the Russian Baltic Fleet pointed out.Read More →

Vladimir Putin - Russia News

The current situation appears much more tense, with Russia openly threatening to directly oppose an American attack on Syrian soil. With various officials vowing to protect the troops on the ground, neither Russia’s determination nor its capabilities to resist the attack are in dispute.Read More →

Syrian insurgent group Army of Islam, shows a fighter with the Army of Islam - Syria War

Army of Islam is backed by Saudi Arabia and adheres to the ultraconservative Salafi ideology of Islam. It was founded by Zahran Alloush, who was in prison for anti-government activities and adopting a hard-line Islamic ideology when the uprising against Assad began in March 2011. Read more.Read More →