Syrian President

Israeli military vehicles deployed in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights near Syria

“We will continue protecting our borders, we will provide humanitarian aid to the full extent possible, we will not allow entry into our territory and we will demand strict adherence to the 1974 disengagement deals with the Syrian army,” Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said said.Read More →

Israel Bombs Area Near Syria Damascus Airport

State news agency SANA said the strike came shortly after midnight, a week into a Syrian government offensive against rebel-held territories in the southwestern region, which borders Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and Jordan. The offensive shattered a truce negotiated in the area by the U.S., Russia and Jordan last July.Read More →

US Military in Syria

After each Syrian military victory or successful reconciliation effort, the US and its partners attempted to counteract these gains by “supporting more terrorism, bringing more terrorists to Syria, or by hindering the political process,” Assad said, blaming the US for prolonging the seven-year war.
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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Vladimir Putin - RUSSIA NEWS - RUSSIAN - RUSSIANS

Yevgeny Shabayev, leader of a local chapter of a paramilitary Cossack organisation who has ties to Russian military contractors, said he had visited acquaintances injured in Syria at the defence ministry’s Central Hospital in Khimki, on the outskirts of Moscow, on Wednesday.Read More →

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“In Syria, the liberation came from Russia, and from the government troops with the support of Iran. And now it’s very difficult for such a power as the United States to recognize its failure. That is the reason why, I think, they are trying again and again to give support to jihadists.”Read More →