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Critics warn that it effectively represents “one-man rule,” with no state body strong enough to check Erdogan’s authority. But there does remain a sliver of hope — Erdogan’s success in the presidential race was not repeated in the parliamentary elections; he does not have full hold of parliament without relying on a precarious ally, and the opposition may still challenge him.Read More →

'US Embassy' road signs appear in Jerusalem

“In the final declaration, we will emphasise the status of the Palestine issue for our community, and that we will not allow changing the status of the historic city,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an opening address.Read More →

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“Once again, Turkish President Erdogan continues to mislead the public opinion in Turkey. With his useless soap bubbles, he tries in vain to justify the crimes he has committed against the Syrian people by infinitely and comprehensively helping the terrorist groups in Syria,”Syrian Foreign Ministry’s statement read, as quoted by the SANA news agency.Read More →