Venezuelans - Venezuela

Thousands of Venezuelans are living in the streets. They sleep in tents and on benches in central squares, have taken over abandoned buildings and cram dozens of people into small apartments. “God will provide,” said Guillen when asked how the family would eat during a trip that can take five days.Read More →

Venezuela Riot - Venezuelans Rioting

“They’re hunting. The people are hungry!” says the narrator of the video, who filmed the incident from his car. Lawmaker Paparoni said some 300 animals were believed to have been killed. “They knocked down the gates and looted flour, rice, cooking oil, cooking gas,” said Urdaneta. “The police and the National Guard tried to control the situation by giving out what was left.” Nicolas Maduro’s government accuses political opponents and foreign powers of trying to foment a social uprising against him by stoking inflation and hoarding food IN Venezuela.Read More →