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“Sometimes what is old is new again, and that is coming in here,” Maj. Gen. Steven Shapiro, commander of 21st Theater Sustainment Command, which supports US military operations in Europe, told reporters earlier this month. “Antwerp and Rotterdam were major ports when we were operating during the Cold War… We are coming back to Antwerp in a big way.”Read More →

Vladimir Putin - Russia News

The current situation appears much more tense, with Russia openly threatening to directly oppose an American attack on Syrian soil. With various officials vowing to protect the troops on the ground, neither Russia’s determination nor its capabilities to resist the attack are in dispute.Read More →

Bashar Assad, Bashar al-Assad - Syrian - Syria News - Bashar al Assad

“With every victory achieved on the field, the voices of some Western states are raised and actions are intensified in an attempt by them to change the course of events,” Syrian state TV quoted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as saying.Read More →

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - Saudi Arabia News HEadlines

Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East director at HRW, denounced war crimes committed in Yemen: “United Nations Security Council sanctions on Houthi leaders should be extended to senior [Saudi-led] coalition military leaders, including Saudi Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman, for their role in obstructing aid and other abuses.”Read More →