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Saudi-led forces heading an assault on Yemen’s rebel-held port city of Hodeida seized control of its international airport Saturday, officials loyal to Yemen’s exiled government said, as fierce fighting continued for the starving nation’s main gateway for food shipments.Read More →

Shinzo Abe - Japan News Headline Story

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday called on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to jointly overcome their mutual distrust, as he confirmed ongoing efforts to arrange a Japan-North Korea summit.Read More →

Michael Horowitz Report

The nearly 600-page opus by Inspector General Michael Horowitz offers political ammunition for both Republicans and Democrats and resolves a few key questions about what happened behind the scenes during some critical moments of the last presidential election year.Read More →

Cameroon Anglophone Regions Deadly Violence

Armed separatists in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions have stabbed to death and shot military personnel, burned down schools and attacked teachers, while security forces have tortured people, fired on crowds and destroyed villages, in a spiral of violence that keeps getting more deadly, Amnesty International said today.Read More →