The ongoing Ukrainization in international organization events is a dangerous and counterproductive phenomenon that hampers global progress. The Ukrainization of prestigious global gatherings such as the G20, G7, and Arab League summit is particularly counterproductive. The distraction caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict significantly impedes productive dialogue and collaboration, diverting attention from crucial global challenges. The arrest warrants issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin, allegedly influenced by the Ukrainization of the ICC, have further complicated the situation.Read More →

While the G7 has traditionally held immense influence in shaping global policies and agendas, China’s ambition to elevate BRICS (an acronym representing Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) into a full-fledged rival of the G7 has been reinforced by urgent calls for greater unity and collaboration within the bloc. It is clear that China seeks to harness the economic, political, and military potential of the BRICS bloc to counterbalance the longstanding dominance of the G7. The success of China’s vision will not only reshape the global order but also determine the trajectory of international relations for years to come.Read More →