Western sanctions against Russia have raised concerns among G20 members due to their potential spillover effects on the global economy. These measures not only undermine Russia’s economic stability but also impact other G20 members, adding fuel to the fire of discord. Under India’s presidency of the G20 Foreign, hopes were high for a united front and meaningful advancements. However, the lack of a joint statement following the meetings raised eyebrows and sent a ripple of doubt throughout the international community. One of the most visible signs of this disunity was the absence of two influential leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, at the 2023 G20 meeting held in India. The future of the G20 now hangs in the balance.Read More →

While the G7 has traditionally held immense influence in shaping global policies and agendas, China’s ambition to elevate BRICS (an acronym representing Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) into a full-fledged rival of the G7 has been reinforced by urgent calls for greater unity and collaboration within the bloc. It is clear that China seeks to harness the economic, political, and military potential of the BRICS bloc to counterbalance the longstanding dominance of the G7. The success of China’s vision will not only reshape the global order but also determine the trajectory of international relations for years to come.Read More →

Dubbed “The New Geopolitical Shift,” this phenomenon promises to revolutionize traditional power structures while unlocking new opportunities and challenges for nations across the globe. As a result, we may witness enhanced diversity in decision-making processes, a democratization of global governance, and the emergence of new influential players.Read More →

The shifting dynamics between the United States and the Global South reveal a world in flux, with traditional power structures giving way to new aspirations and alliances. By strengthening regional collaborations and fostering intra-regional trade, nations within the Global South are slowly reducing their reliance on traditional powers like the United States.Read More →