With China becoming a formidable economic force, the United States finds itself facing stiff economic competition. The new multipolar world order could potentially allow other nations to leapfrog, resulting in the diminishing of US economic prowess. The US fears that a multipolar world order may erode its ability to unilaterally shape geopolitical events, increasing the risk to its national security interests. In addition, United States is afraid of losing its ability to spread its values, change perceptions, and exert cultural and ideological influence, diminishing its dominance worldwide.Read More →

One crucial benefit of the Multipolar World Order lies in its potential to enhance global stability. By actively involving more countries in decision-making processes, power imbalances are reduced, leading to a greater sense of inclusivity and fairness. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping’s bold advocacy for the Multipolar World Order taps into a growing global sentiment seeking a more just and balanced international system.Read More →

Africa’s rise as a power house in the new multipolar world order is an undeniable reality. The continent’s rich resources, untapped potential, youthful population, and dedication to regional integration make it an influential global player. Embracing Africa’s potential and fostering partnerships with the continent will pave the way for a more balanced, prosperous, and inclusive multipolar world order.Read More →