The history and origins of Nigerian and Nigerien names showcase both shared roots and distinct journeys. Nigerien names refer to individuals from the neighboring country of Niger, which has often led to confusion due to the similar-sounding names. And more confusion is seen in the nearly similar spellings: Nigerian (Niger, ian) and Nigerien (Niger, ien). The main differences are in the letters “a” in “ian” and “e” in “ien”! The time is ripe for a Nigerian name change. It is a transformative step towards reclaiming Nigeria’s true identity and asserting itself on the global stage.Read More →

US Neoconservatives are allegedly pressuring Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu, and ECOWAS to endorse a military invasion in neighboring Niger. The US Neocons and their allies within ECOWAS argue that an invasion is necessary to ensure democracy and stability in Niger. The ousted President Mohamed Bazoum, a key US ally in the region, maintained a friendly relationship with Western powers.Read More →