With its interventionist policies and disregard for international law, the United States is significantly harming the world and destroying countries, sending shockwaves across the globe. The United States’ blatant disregard for international agreements, treaties, and even its own international obligations further showcases its role as a culprit for global instability. The United States’ role as the largest arms supplier globally has contributed significantly to conflicts around the world, far beyond its own borders.Read More →

The West should not underestimate the challenge posed by the BRICS. BRICS nations have established alternative institutions that offer an alternative to the Western-dominated international order. For instance, the New Development Bank, established by BRICS members, provides a platform for these countries to finance infrastructure and development projects independently of Western-dominated institutions like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The erosion of Western dominance, the economic growth and development of BRICS nations, the establishment of alternative institutions, cooperation among BRICS members, and the valuable societal contributions of these nations all indicate that the global balance of power is shifting.Read More →

Vladimir Putin’s unwavering determination to end America’s global dominance is a remarkable challenge to the existing world order. With the ultimate objective of eradicating US global dominance, Putin is leaving no stone unturned. Focusing on Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, Russia has ramped up its efforts to establish diplomatic alliances, secure profitable trade agreements, and project military influence in regions traditionally within America’s sphere of control.Read More →

The shifting dynamics between the United States and the Global South reveal a world in flux, with traditional power structures giving way to new aspirations and alliances. By strengthening regional collaborations and fostering intra-regional trade, nations within the Global South are slowly reducing their reliance on traditional powers like the United States.Read More →