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In November, former pilots and workers in the coal industry are waiting for an increase in pensions. In the regions, the process of receiving social payments is simplified – they will now be transferred directly from the budget to the Mir card.

An experiment is starting in government agencies to switch to domestic software, but everyone can take part in it. Another experiment is the restriction on the export of caviar from Kamchatka by plane.

Increase in pensions

An increase in pensions from November 1 awaits former workers in the coal industry, as well as civil aviation pilots. The recalculation of the supplement will affect those pensioners who applied for it in the period from July 1 to October 1, 2022.

At the same time, they must already stop working in a specialty that entitles them to additional deductions.

The amount of the additional payment will depend on the duration of the special experience, the amount of salary and the amount of insurance premiums transferred by the company.

For example, pilots in the Novosibirsk region will receive an additional 21,510 rubles, in the Perm region – 21,891 rubles, miners – 4,450 rubles and 4,021 rubles, respectively.

As for pilots, only those who have at least 25 years of service for men and at least 20 years for women can count on a surcharge. If a person retired early due to health problems, the length of service must be at least 20 years for men and at least 15 years for women.

In order to receive a supplement, there is no need to apply to the Pension Fund. The recalculation is carried out automatically according to the information available at the disposal of the territorial bodies of the PFR.

From November, those pensioners who are 80 years old will double the fixed part of the old-age pension. The insurance part of the pension, which is calculated on the basis of individual earned pension coefficients and depends on the length of service and earnings, will remain unchanged.

In 2022, the amount of the fixed payment is 7,220.74 rubles, thus, pensioners who have reached the age of 80 will receive 14,441.48 rubles in addition to the insurance part of the pension.

This amount is also increased by the corresponding regional coefficient if the pensioner lives in the regions of the Far North and equivalent areas.

The payment will increase by 50% if the length of service in the Far North is at least 15 years, and by 30% if the length of service is at least 20 years in equivalent territories.

The increase will be accrued regardless of the current place of residence. The same increase awaits pensioners who will receive the first group of disability.

Social payments to the Mir card

From November 1, the process of receiving social assistance will be simplified for Russians – about three dozen regional payments will now be transferred directly from the budget to the Mir card.

This includes allowances for people caring for the disabled, scholarships for orphans, compensation for rental housing, housing and communal services and capital repairs, compensation for gasification, monthly payments for the first or second child, subsidies for the purchase and construction of housing by citizens in need of improved conditions, and those standing in line, as well as subsidies for reimbursement of the down payment on a mortgage and repayment of a targeted loan.

This reduces the list of details that you need to know in order to receive a payment, the period for crediting funds, and also eliminates the possibility of errors and transfers to outdated accounts.

The recipient only needs to indicate the card number, the bank automatically checks whether it is valid and whether it belongs to the payee.

In accordance with the rules of the National Payment Card System, funds are credited in real time, but no later than 30 minutes, including on weekends and non-working holidays. The first benefits under the new system will come in November.

Payments to mobilized

From November 1, mobilized citizens will receive a monthly allowance in the amount of at least 195 thousand rubles.

In addition, in October, mobilized citizens and their families were exempted from accruing penalties on overdue debts for housing and communal services and contributions for major repairs – this measure is valid until the termination of the contract.

At the same time, some regions expressed their intention to partially compensate the mobilized payment for housing and communal services.

From November 1, the administration of the Leningrad Region, for example, begins accepting documents for obtaining such a benefit.

If a citizen or members of his family apply with a corresponding application before December 31, then compensation will be assigned retroactively from October 1 and will amount to 50% of the cost of housing and communal services.

Similar support measures were announced, in particular, by the authorities of the Nizhny Novgorod and Oryol regions.

autumn call

On November 1, the autumn conscription of conscript soldiers starts in Russia, which will traditionally last until December 31.

This year it will be 30 days shorter – the start of the campaign was postponed for a month in order to unload military registration and enlistment offices and separate the flow of mobilized and conscripts.

As part of this draft, 120,000 soldiers aged 18 to 27 are to go to work , which is 7,500 fewer than last year’s autumn draft and 14,000 fewer than in spring. For the first time, a deferment from conscription was granted to employees of the IT sector.

According to the assurances of the authorities, conscript soldiers are not and will not be involved in the SVO in Ukraine, all of them, regardless of their specialty, will do military service on the territory of Russia. There will be no autumn conscription in the DPR.

Transition to Russian software

On November 1, an experiment on the transition of government agencies to Russian software will start. The software, the right to which belongs to Russia, will be provided under an open license. The first participants in the experiment are the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rosreestr.

Other authorities, foundations, state corporations, organizations and citizens can join the experiment on a voluntary basis.

Applications must be submitted by April 1, 2023. From 2025, state authorities will be prohibited from using foreign software.

Export of caviar

An experiment to limit the export of red caviar from the region by air will start in November in Kamchatka.

In accordance with the federal law adopted in July, an individual cannot take out more than 10 kg of a product of non-industrial production in one flight or carry-on baggage – “without marking with a single sign of product circulation on the market of the Eurasian Economic Union”.

The experiment aimed at preserving aquatic biological resources and preventing their illegal circulation will last until August 1, 2025.

If the weight of caviar does not exceed 10 kg, at the entrance to the airport, an appropriate tag will be pasted on the baggage of an air passenger, otherwise Rosselkhoznadzor employees will try to identify the cargo, and if it does not have the appropriate markings and documents, then transportation will be prohibited.

At the first stage of the experiment, volunteers will work at the airport explaining the new rules for transporting caviar.

Entry restrictions

The authorities of Qatar, where the World Cup will be held from November 20 to December 18, are lifting all entry restrictions on COVID-19 for foreign tourists, including Russians.

True, during the championship, tourists can only come to the country after receiving a Hayya card – this is an analogue of a fan passport, and you can issue it only if you have tickets for matches.

After the end of the World Cup, tourists who want to come to Qatar will not have to take covid tests and register in the Ehteraz Health app.

Debts for electricity

Capital Mosenergosbyt from November 1 starts a campaign called “Fares, goodbye!”, in which debtors will be forgiven penalties accrued earlier for non-payment.

To do this, they must pay off the debt and current charges for electricity on the November bill and submit the readings from December 15 to December 30. The promotion will last until December 31, 2022.

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